2015. március 27., péntek

March book haul - english version

Hi guys!

I'm not normal. Really. Recently I've started to watch Reign with subtitle that's why I always wants to speak in English. Today I had a Japanese lesson and I couldn't talk normally in Japanese. Sometimes I said something in English. Ah, it was a really funny lesson. The best lesson this week. So, because of Reign, I don't have any Hungarian thought, that's why I make 2 post for this book haul. An English and a Hungarian version. I'm so curious. Let's see, what books I purchase! sorry for every mistake. I had to use English long ago  

The first book of March is Song of the fireflies by J. A. Redminski (Ének a Szentjánosbogarakról). Every shops are closed in Sunday and because of that, Tesco gave us a special offer. We had an international women's day: 50% + this special offer: 30%. Where I was, there wasn't good books with good price, it was the only one which is interested me and I could buy. Because I didn't have money. Bad luck.

Next one is The Circle, original title Circlen (a Kör) by Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren. This story is about some young witch and someone who wants to haunt them. I really wanted this book, but it's expensive. So when I saw a special offer by Libri, I bought it. I remember, I ordered this on Wednesday, I was afraid, because 2 days later I travelled home to the spring holiday. Next day I was sick and I couldn't go to school. But when I got an e-mail from the shop that the book is in the shop, I needed for 5 minutes to ready and I ran. The Circle got a huge hug from me that day. Such a good memory!

On the holiday, I read Obsidian and Onyx by J. L. Armentrout. I fall in love with the whole books and I wanted the others. I went to change my number with my mom, and we visit Líra and Legenda bookstore. I didn't see it in Líra, but when I noticed Opal on the bookshelf, I jumped and screamed. The salesman just smiled and I think he was glad that there is a person who loves reading, loves books. I've finished it in 2 days and... Have you seen this end?! I went mad! I can't belive it! I had to buy Origin! So, I bought Origin this week. But. When I saw the remaining money to 7%, I searched for an other book. I want to watch the Divergent, so I bought Divergent (A beavatott) by Veronica Roth. And what am I reading now? Of course Divergent! It's okay, but I'm at chapter 5. Oh, and with the original cover. Not with the movie version.

So these are my new books and it's only 5 books. What happened? Oh, really. International Book Festival is coming! MYGOSH!

About Reign... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???? It's a TV show about France and Scotland in 16 centuries. But. The protagonist, Queen Mary Stuart is Scottish, but as I heard, her dialect isn't Scottish. And the guys... Prince Francis and his brother, Bash are French, aren't they? Then. Why do they speak like an English? WHY??? Other, personal problem. Lola. I love you. Really. You're such a good and loveable girl! So, please, I'M BEGING YOU! Stay away from Prince Francis! Mary, you have to marry to Francis, you two are such a cute couple!

Okay, that's all. :) For a while.

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